About me

I received the MEng. degree at Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology (which is belong to Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh city ) in 2006. My thesis was about Giotto programming language (contact me to download).  My supervisor was Minh Le,PhD.

During I carried out my thesis, I had also been supported by Benjanin Horowitz,PhD, N.Vinay Krishnan,MSc and Akadeb Ghosal, BEng through e-mail.

I graduated at Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology in 2002. My thesis (in Vietnamse) was " Build an weighed taskgraph from an unweighed taskgraph"(contact me to download). My supervisors were Ho Quoc Thuan,BEng. and Vu Le Hung,BEng.

I am interesting in Distributed system (including Database system), Parallel Computing, Embedded System Programming, Pattern Recognition

I am looking for PhD scholarship.